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We accept a limited number of Workforce applicants.


You can apply HERE and sign up on our Waiting List HERE.






During 2022-2023, we will be completing the requirements to become a Texas Rising Start Childcare Center. Please check back here for updates on this program. 






We are proud members of  NAEYC and HighScope. Currently, we do not carry the NAEYC accreditation; However we are reviewing this process for future approval. 




ASQ:-3 & ASQ:SE2 Screening Project:

Early and accurate identification of infants and young children who have developmental delays or disorders is key to the timely delivery of early intervention services. Our center will be offering a questionnaire for all children of ages 6 weeks to 5 ½ years old within 6 weeks of enrollment. The goal of comprehensive Child Find programs is to accurately separate the few infants and young children who require more extensive assessment from the children who do not. Both screenings will consist of 21 questionnaires designed to be completed by parents or other primary caregivers for children ages 4 weeks to 5 ½ years old. Each questionnaire contains developmental items like Communication, Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Problem Solving, and Personal-Social Skills. 









We believe in a constructivist approach to educating young children. Basically, this means allowing children to explore materials, interact with one another and make discoveries through their personal observations, explorations and experiences in order to construct their own knowledge about their community. Children become directly involved in their physical and social environments. They learn best through personal life experiences. We develop weekly lesson plans which integrate guidelines from the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) Standards for Early Childhood Programs.

Our curriculum is designed to promote both learning and imagination with equal parts imagination and enthusiasm. It’s our goal to provide children with tools that will spark both questions and solutions. We don’t just lead our students. We’re led by them, as well. THE CREATIVE CURRICULUM® DIFFERENCE Our award-winning Creative Curriculum® is designed to ensure student success for preschool and beyond. Fully aligned with both Head Start Child Development programs, Early Learning Frameworks, and state early learning standards, it comprises two parts: The Foundation- consisting of five research-based volumes which provide a standard knowledge base. Daily Resources-which offer step by step guidance in the form of teaching guides and additional resources. The journey of discovery isn’t limited to Early Child education. It continues throughout the rest of a child’s life. De Colores CDC Creative Curriculum® prepares children for that journey by developing the three C’s: Confidence, Creativity, and Compassion. 


WHY CREATIVE CURRICULUM®? • Our Creative Curriculum® is based on 38 objectives for development and learning, fully aligned with Head Start Child Development programs, Early Learning Frameworks, and early learning standards for every state. • It combines both knowledge-building volumes and experiential resources in tandem, providing our educators both the fundamentals of early childhood education and practical solutions • It provides individualized instruction, helping teachers meet each student’s developmental needs • It incorporates all aspects of learning, including social and emotional skills, math, technology, and art throughout the day • It offers educators and administrators built-in opportunities for observation, allowing them to assess your child’s progress accurately and identify potential blind spots in their development • It offers complete bilingual support, as well as guidance for working with advanced learners and children with disabilities With our Creative Curriculum® program our studies are child-directed, allowing their needs to take precedence over untested and standardized methods of education. It combines both structure and practical experience through hands-on learning and teacher guidelines designed to teach children both confidence and problem-solving skills.


BILINGUAL PROGRAM: WHAT IS SPANISH IMMERSION? Our Spanish Immersion program integrates Spanish into everyday curriculum. No prior exposure to Spanish is necessary. It is designed for English-speaking and Spanish-speaking students to develop communication and literacy skills in both languages. The earlier children are introduced to a language, the greater the likelihood they will become truly proficient in it. Children’s brains are naturally programmed to learn any language they are sufficiently exposed to perfectly and without accents. According to research, this ability declines with age, disappearing by high school. Determining exactly how the program should be structured depends, in part, upon the percentage of students from each language group. Schools with half Spanish speakers and half English speakers can implement two-way immersion. If the student body is predominantly English-speaking, one-way immersion is the best model. 

Our Bilingual Program begins on August 15, 2022 for children ages 6 weeks to 5 years old. 


Your Child's Daily Updates

We use Brightwheel with real-time feed of activities throughout the day. Watch your child's day unfold with snapshots delivered to your mobile device. Stay in touch with your teacher and strengthen school learning with activities at home.

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